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Collectable comic strip: scene from The Bear and the Nightingale illustrated by Angela Animates



This month’s adult book option takes us to a United States we would almost, but not quite, recognize. In this genre-defying story, a brother and sister are stranded in a sleepy New England town after an unknown catastrophic event causes all technology to fail. With cars dead, communication evaporated, and roads disintegrating, cities and towns across America have become separate isolated city-states. The sister has adapted, becoming a farmer and respected town citizen. The brother has floundered, once a prominent tv writer, now an ersatz mailman. And then something even stranger than the initial catastrophe happens: a charismatic man from the brother’s past appears from nowhere, with seemingly the only car left in the world that actually works, having driven from California to the East Coast across an America gone wild and savage. And the changes he brings with him could upend the fragile peace the town has built.

This novel is strange, oddly-funny, and dream-like: a cross between post-apocalyptic tale and magical realism, with a healthy dose of philosophical rumination and a treatise on the inherent weirdness of the human condition. There are no straight answers here, but the questions will leave you thinking, and often chuckling, far past the final page.

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