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Lit & Tunes (single purchase)

Lit & Tunes (single purchase)

Box will include our monthly collectable comic strip from Songs of Achilles that is illustrated by Angela Animates.


This month’s book is for fans of wuxia (think Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon), and Asian-inspired fantasy settings from an Own Voices writer.

In a country under oppressive rule, a former nun of a respected monastic order, teams up with a group of bandits who are more than they appear. These bandits are not merely criminals, but political outcasts and rebels, trying to earn money for their cause. The bandits begrudgingly concede to their new companion, who gives them little choice, and accept her help in protecting a priceless religious relic.

Over the course of their journey through forests and mountains, the nun becomes a part of their found-family, and inspires one bandit to reconsider the faith he had thought dead forever. And just to keep things interesting, they also have to fight for their lives.

This book is a wonderful meditation on what it means to choose your family and your path, as well as the pains and contradictions of religious faith. It also features a beautiful Asian-inspired aesthetic and fun martial-arts film tropes.

This book is a new release hardcover novella, and will include a second recent-release novella as a bonus. The second novella is also an Asian-inspired fantasy from an Own Voices writer which includes angry women and the power of storytelling, and packs quite a punch.

This is a late release book so boxes will ship June 25th through June 29th.

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