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Fox & wit monthly collectable: skeleton key inspired by The City of Starlight


Custom dust jacket designed by Sarah Cross


August’s adult book box option is a bit different, a bit off-the-beaten-path, but I absolutely adored this book and I hope you will wander off the path with me for a bit. This book is a contemporary, queer, magical realism riff on a piece of classic literature — one that almost everyone will probably recognize. It features three endearing, infuriating, brilliant, disaster human beings: a manic-depressive rich boy who has just lost his father, his alcoholic artist ex-fiancé with a dark secret, and his best friend who has been not-so-secretly in love with him for years. (I want to gather them all in my hands and hold them very tenderly, and also shake them for being so ridiculous.)

Once you realize which classic story is being played with here, you will begin to suspect some things, and you will think you know how it will end. And there you might find you are wrong. The author leads us down streets, into dreams, and through secret passages you cannot begin to guess with - both delighting and confounding our expectations right up to the very end.

This book is also a love story to New York City, breathing such intense life and color and music into the setting that it quickly becomes its own character. Even readers who have never walked the streets of New York will feel they know and love the place by the end. But let me sing the praises of my favorite part: the PROSE! The prose is at turns sardonic, musical, timeless, and enormously contemporary. I weep with jealousy that I cannot write like this. Filled with deep philosophical questions and dreamlike symbolism, the novel winds its way through the lives and psyches of its characters with clarity, empathy, and wonder. With effortless grace, this book has climbed its way to the top of my favorite books of the year list.

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