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 Lit & Tunes


Introducing the Fox & Wit lit & tunes! Every month you will receive a newly released young adult or adult book and will include access to a digital soundtrack playlist themed around the book in your box! The music will immerse your reading experience and transport you into the world of the book.

May's Theme

SPECIAL FEATURES: sprayed edges


This month we bring you a new standalone dark fantasy novel by a prolific Hugo Award/Nebula Award/Locus Award-winning writer.

In an America that is almost our own, a brilliant scheming alchemist has engineered twins with fathomless magical potential - one with control over language, the other with power of mathematics. The twins, separated since birth, find each other despite their creator’s best efforts through impossible means, and lose each other in the wake of heartbreak and tragedy. Now, to avoid becoming yet another in a long line of their creator’s terminated failures, they must work together to develop their abilities. Using their powers to rearrange reality and reorder time, they will need to find a timeline in which they can survive.

This novel crafts an intricate and ambitious rules-based magic system, all while giving us both an exciting and philosophical adventure story, and an emotionally-evocative (sometimes heart-wrenching) tale of siblings who love and need each other.

trigger warning: suicide attempts

Books will begin shipping May 9th-13th

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