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Faerie Forest Queen Bookstagram Prop box package

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Buying props one by one can get expensive and be time consuming. Instead we've curated a package for you! No need to search stores and websites and get everything you need for a themed bookstagram photos all in one spot.

package includes: crown plus 5 other items 

pre-orders close: March 7th

This is a pre-order basis.  While we’ll aim for a shipping date to begin May 25th please know that this date can change. Things arriving from overseas sometimes take much longer to arrive than we expect (which is why we typically plan boxes 3-4 months in advanced.) Because we are NOT ordering a set number this means 1) we won’t sell out 2) orders won’t be placed until AFTER pre-order date closes and we get an exact number of boxes.

This is a bit tricky to plan ship dates because between pandemic and overseas shipping in general, things are a wee bit slow and sometimes unpredictable. We wanted to do it this way to ensure everyone receives a box that wants one.