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If We Were Villains dust jacket

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This was always a personal project from the beginning and never meant to be for purchase. What this means is these never went through a “test” print phase where we tested for quality, perfect alignment, etc like we do for all our products for sale. These were designed and printed as a personal for fun project. There are only a total of 10 copies printed and the 8 extras are listed here for anyone interested in these.

Please note that these will not be covered under our refund policy. They are not poor quality but they do not pass our high quality pass through you would expect from our normal dust jackets. There may be slight alignment issues and slight imperfections.

Should Mary decide to do a re-print test run for a larger sale of these, she definitely will resolve issues with our printers and they’ll be up to our normal high quality standards (there’s no guarantee that anymore will be made available, however.)