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King of Scars

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In the three years since Ravka's civil war, Nikolai Lanstov has kept his country afloat despite the arduous toll the warfare had on him. To surrounding nations, Ravka looks to be rebuilding, however, as a darkness inside Nikolai revives its flame, no amount of defense, alliances, or money can ensure a prosperous future for his country. With threats amassing Ravka's borders, a bastard king, a stone-cold commander, and a Saint among relics must be thieves and fast in order to keep their country from crumbling. Bardugo hits the mark with a delicious convergence of Grishaverse characters in this new chapter for Ravka. Fan favorite Nikolai receives a brilliant first act in his long-awaited duology, as privateer-turned-king proves it takes more than blood to make a strong ruler. Espionage and strife set the tone of the novel as Nikolai, Zoya, and Nina struggle to remember who they are within a field of fierce political rivalries. Owning their stories becomes integral to success as king, commander, and Saint confront their own demons. The sharp dialogue and lovable characters continue to enthrall and bewitch long past the final chapter.