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Lit & Tunes

Introducing the Fox & Wit lit & tunes! Every month you will receive a newly released young adult or adult book and will include access to a digital soundtrack playlist themed around the book in your box! The music will immerse your reading experience and transport you into the world of the book.

May's Theme

SPECIAL FEATURES: sprayed edges


This month we present you with an adult standalone book and will come with sprayed edges.

The publisher will be including an item inspired by the novel, signed book plates and author curated playlist.

Would you consider yourself unfortunate for nearly dying from more than a handful of bizarre accidents or fortunate for surviving so many times? Starting in Italy, we follow the story of a young girl through adulthood as she faces and overcomes each of her experiences with near death.

This is a lush story about an Italian family and told from the perspective of our "lucky star" who immigrates to the US at the brink of WWII. Filled with warm humor and charm, this magical story will be sure enchant you.

trigger warnings: physical and mental abuse including sexual assault.

Books will begin shipping May 9th-13th

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