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Lit & Tunes

Lit & Tunes

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Lit & Tunes

Introducing the Fox & Wit lit & tunes! Every month you will receive a newly released young adult or adult book and will include access to a digital soundtrack playlist themed around the book in your box! The music will immerse your reading experience and transport you into the world of the book.

The book will also come with an enamel pin

Fans of small town horror and a good ghost story will love November’s eerie read. This book is Stephen King with a gothic twist. A little boy gets lost in the woods and returns changed, with a secret mission he doesn’t understand and an array of voices in his head. As the mystery grows and the ominous power consumes the town, a wide variety of small-town characters—a fiercely protective single mom, a crotchety old man, an isolated young woman—come together to fight a deadly whisper.


Very simply, this book is a wonderful, smart, spooky story. From the first sentence, readers are very intrigued and a little creeped out. The setting is dreary and mundane, with an appropriately creepy backdrop that defies the laws of nature. The tone is steady and ominous, and the detached attention to detail in the narrative only serves to heighten the sense of foreboding—not to mention the creep factor. Definitely do not read this book alone, or at night, or in a dim-lit room. Unless, of course, you’re into that sort of experience.


What grounds this tale is its humanity. These characters have compelling, often tragic backstories and personal conflicts totally unrelated to the supernatural suspense going on around them. In addition to unraveling the mysterious secrets of the town, these characters want to be good parents and children, to fall in love, and to live a perfect, middle-class suburban life. Issues of family violence, class, ability, and mental illness are rooted in the story and given as much weight as the horror. This not only adds an additional level of complexity to the narrative, but validates that these scary, often secret struggles of humanity can be just as horrific and tragic as any scary story.

Books will begin shipping November 18th to 22nd.

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