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Lit & Tunes (single purchase)

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Monthly collectable: second collectable dust jacket for The Winner's Crime


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This month’s adult book option is a swoon-worthy historical fantasy romance set in Edwardian England from a debut author. When a cash-strapped baronet is accidentally given a government position he is not remotely qualified for, he finds himself thrown into a massive conspiracy that includes the existence of magical families hidden from the public eye, a missing public official, and a magical relic that may or may not be nothing but a fairy tale. The baronet is placed under a painful deadly curse by enemies who believe he knows more than he actually does, and he must turn to a prickly standoffish magician for help to save his life and unravel the mysteries surrounding them. In the course of their investigations, the two men will learn to rely on each other and discover that the most dangerous thing of all may be their own feelings.

This novel features a fascinating and complex magical system and a steamy queer romance that will you leave you breathless. It also examines the emotional, soul-deep damage that neglectful and abusive families can inflict on each other, and the courage required to struggle through that damage in order to find true connection and happiness. The two main characters are fully-realized personalities, flawed and damaged by their families, sympathetic and endearing, and the sparks between them are palpable. And this magical version of Edwardian England feels grounded and real, with lush description and fine detail.

Please note: this month’s book contains explicit (consensual) sexual content

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