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Book Parcel

Book Parcel


sprayed edges


This month’s book is a beautiful fantasy novel with heavy greek mythology influence. It’s a story about two sisters who learn that strengths come in different forms and their sisterly bond, no matter how tested, will endure.

Generations of people have magical abilities passed on from their ancestral gods. But the sisters’ family tree descends from a fallen god who gave up his powers and thus leaves his descendants magic-less. They live in a world where those rife with magic are favored and those without are pushed to the lower ranks of societal standing. As an evil force threatens their society and world, the sisters learn to rely on their other non-magical talents help save their people from oppression and destruction.


The box will be a really beautiful Roaring 20s bookstagram prop box. One of the items alone retails for $14. This box easily retails for $49.99 if you bought the book and items individually.

Additionally, we will have  our monthly collectable comic strip from Songs of Achilles that is illustrated by Angela Animates.


This is a late release book so boxes will ship June 25th through June 29th.

PLEASE NOTE ABOUT ORDERING MULTIPLE BOXES: If you order more than one box or item, everything will ship together with the latest item shipping out. Shipment is calculated as combined shipping into a single package. If you prefer items to ship as soon as available, then please purchase separately. Otherwise, items go out with the latest dated shipment.