Here you can find updates about upcoming boxes. If you don't see an update this means our boxes are shipped on time.

Shipping dates and time frames are listed on each individual listing in bold.

Please refer back to listing for more shipping information. All updates below will always be sent via email to buyers who have made purchases pertaining to said box and items.

July 27th: changes to your YA book boxes!

Beginning for September themed boxes we are shifting away from merch boxes. As much as we loved doing our mini boxes, we have decided to put our focus on books over items. What brings us joy is reading and nerding out in the community.

Our adult box will continue to come with 1 collectable item but all our YA mini parcels will now be downgraded to book only plus 1 collectable item starting with the September box. This means all boxes that are renewed/purchased for August themes will be our last full mini box. For September’s box everyone with a mini box will be downgraded to book and 1 collectable item priced at $18.99 for subscriptions.

Everyone currently on our YA book only plan will now receive an
✨additional collectable item✨ with their book only boxes beginning for the September themed box.

This allows us to spend our time working with more artists to curate exclusive edition books throughout the year. Nothing else will change. You’ll still discover under the radar reads or acquire your most anticipated books with our exclusive covers each month.

No changes need to be made on your end! We’ve taken care of everyone’s account for you! So all you have to do is amp up your excitement for the fabulous titles we’ve got planned for you!

NOTE: if you are on our a 3 month plan we will refund the difference for your boxes! We’ve make sure you’re taken care of. You will have received a separate email from us confirming these changes to your account.

July 26th: Your July boxes are shipping soon!

Your boxes will begin shipping from July 29th through August 12th.
Please update your shipping address if you have since moved. We have updated our website coding so that you can now easily update addresses yourself. Please follow the instructions below for a step by step guide to ensure your order as well as all future orders go to the correct address.

July 12th: Early update on August adult boxes!

The publication date for the August adult books have been pushed back by the publishers until September 6th. The new ship dates for that adult boxes are September 6th through the 16th


July 1st: Your June boxes are shipping soon!

Your boxes will begin shipping between July 6th through July 15th. If you need to update your addresses please follow the directions below.

Thank you for your patience while we deal with the small delay.

June 27th: Update on June Boxes and misc. orders

 An update on your June monthly boxes! Our business bank account was stolen and the perpetrator wiped out our entire account. As of right now, the bank restricted access to our entire account and because the person stole our bank and routing number and not card, it goes through a special fraud claim process until they are able to return our funds into a new account (which takes time to open as well.)

With this said, at the moment we have zero access to a business bank account and zero funds required to operate the business.

We unfortunately will need to delay June shipments until early July, which is when they’ll give us on update on everything.We will send a second email update once we have a better idea when your boxes can start shipping.

We thank you for your patience while we sort through this all.

With this note: please know that this does not impact any customers and their data. This was a breach that occurred due to a supply company with whom we do business and has zero bearings to our customers’ data safety.

Additionally, if you placed a non-monthly box order please allow 2-3 weeks for shipment. As of right now, our Houston office is officially closed. Our office manager is in the process of finishing up packing the office. All inventory are in boxes. Our WV office only has access to June’s box inventory and nothing else. Inventory in Houston is currently stuck in boxes until they can be transported to WV.

-the Fox & Wit team

May 19th Your May boxes are shipping soon! 

Your boxes will begin shipping from May 23rd through June 3rd.

Please update your shipping address if you have since moved. We have updated our website coding so that you can now easily update addresses yourself. Please follow the instructions below for a step by step guide to ensure your order as well as all future orders go to the correct address.

May 6th: Your orders of A Promise of Fire is shipping soon!

Your orders will begin shipping May 12th through May 18th

If you have moved, please note that the address  has to be changed in two different places. Please make sure that your address on your account is up to date for future orders. Also, please delete your old address from your account to ensure that orders do not default to your old one by  mistake for future orders.

Secondly, please email if you have moved because we'll need to manually update the address on orders already placed into the system.

Please email us by May 9th so that we have sufficient time to update your shipping addresses.

We are very excited for you to receive your orders soon!

April 21st: Part 2 Update on December Adult Boxes

Thank you everyone for your infinite patience.

We got an  email today noting that the December books have finally shipped from the publishing warehouse. We predict to receive those on Monday. We'll require a few days to pack these and will begin shipment on April  27th through May 6th.

If you have moved, please note that the address  has to be changed in two different places. Please make sure that your address on your account is up to date for future orders. Also, please delete your old address from your account to ensure that orders do not default to your old one by  mistake for future orders. Secondly, please email if you  have  moved because we'll need to manually update the address on orders already placed into the system.

We're so incredibly excited for you to receive your  boxes!

As always please don't hesitate to reach out to us if you  have questions or concerns.

The Fox & Wit team


April 21st: April box update

Your April orders are shipping soon!

A small change regarding the collectable items inside the April boxes. In short, COVID cases have been on the rise in Shanghai and as a result, the city had issued a city wide lockdown. Our manufacturers could not go to work nor could shipping companies come to collect parcels on a regular basis. We were told the items have been delayed and set to arrive late May

By a stroke of luck, May’s YA collectable item made it to our offices and the adult item is set to arrive within a week. This means we are swapping the collectable items between the April and May boxes.

We made this decision because if we waited for April’s items to arrive,the boxes would be delayed until late May. Addition to the April boxes being delayed, the May boxes would also be delayed because our packing team would be forced to pack 2 months worth of boxes in a single go.

We appreciate your understanding as we sought the most logical solution to a potentially severe issue that would cause a cascade of delays. 

We’re excited for you to receive these boxes! Despite the item swaps we know that you will love the book and the beautiful covers we’ve commissioned.

The YA April boxes will begin shipping from April 27th through May 6th.

The adult April boxes will begin shipping from May 2nd through May  13th


April 6th: Part 1 update on December adult boxes

We thank you for your patience as we have been waiting on updates from the publishing company.

We received an email from our publishing rep that the books will be  arriving in their warehouse this week. However, this does not indicate when the books will  arrive to us. This is a three part shipping process. First books will arrive to the publishing warehouse. From there the publishing company will pack and ship your books to us. Once it gets to us then we can begin packing and shipping.

While we don't have an exact date for shipping we can confidently say the books will begin shipping in April and possibly through the first week of May.

This first update is simply to notify everyone the books will be in the publishing warehouses this week. The second update will let you know the exact time frame we plan to ship these as we do not want to provide a false estimate until we have the books in our hands. Until they arrive to us, we have no control.

In the meantime, this is the best estimate we can give everyone: shipment beginning in April. We are hoping to send a second update within a week but we'll know more once the publishers tells us "we are shipping your order."

We know this has been a very long wait but unfortunately there was simply nothing we could do with the worldwide paper  shortage  and simply wait. We truly appreciate  your  patience.


Can I still cancel my order?

At this point  it is too late to cancel as  we notified everyone the first week of December regarding delays and gave everyone a a month to cancel. Your book has been paid for and secured at this time.

What if I've recently moved?

This is a two part answer. If you have moved then please  email  us and we'll update your shipping address for your existing order. If you have an active subscription, please make sure that you update the default shipping address within the system so that future orders  go  to the correct address.

As always  please do not  hesitate to reach  out to our customer service team who are more than happy to assist as best as we can!

ever grateful for your support,

The Fox & Wit Team

February 28th update: December adult boxes

Hey all! We know our last update on our December adult boxes was the first week of December. At that time we were given a projected ship date of March by the publishers. We don’t want to give anyone false updates so we are waiting on the publishers to confirm before we send out an official update again. This is our update to say we don’t have an official update since we don’t wanna keep anyone in the dark but also can’t give any false promise. Thanks so much for your patience! We’ll continue updating as we know more.

January 14th update: A Promise of Fire

We hope you had a pleasant holiday season. We are reaching out regarding your Promise of Fire order. Long story short, we have been planning these boxes since March and at that time, the world supply chain was not as backed up as it is now.

Our publishing rep emailed us letting us know that because of how devastated the world supply chain is—EU/UK has officially run out of printing paper for books until early 2022 and the US is also experiencing shortages—our rep says that they won’t be able to produce our hardback books. Instead we have been offered paperbacks with sprayed edges. To better explain this: the hardbacks would eat into depleted resources (not just physical resources but the resources of the overwhelmed and overworked publishing team who would need to do a massive redesign for us) whereas the paperbacks would simply delve into the existing stock that is already being produced. Then we can have them sprayed for us.

Our best solution is this: because there is of course a price difference between hardbacks and paperbacks, our mini editions will now be priced $35. Everything about the book will remain the same (new covers, bonus content, exclusive sprayed edges) but in trade paperback along with an enamel pin and woodmark.

Please let us know if you would like to cancel for a full refund, or if you would prefer to keep your order, with a partial refund for the price difference.

We are working with Amanda Bouchet on this so she will approve the woodmark and enamel pin. While I’m sure many of us are disappointed about the hardbacks, we hope that you continue to support a wonderfully talented author and an amazing story. Plus we all get to add Greek inspired pins to our collection!

If you would like a refund please email us and we'll cancel and refund your  order. If you are okay keeping your order as is, we will automatically refund everyone the difference within the next few weeks as we work through the backlog.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

— The Fox & Wit team

December 3rd: An early update on December adult boxes!

Hello folks,

We are sad to announce that our December adult books will be delayed.

We placed our order with our publishing rep back in September. We have just received an email from our rep noting that they never processed our order into the system to hold the stock and they are now completely sold out of books. If you’ve been with us you’ll remember this exact same thing happened to us earlier this year where the rep didn’t secure and hold our stock despite 3-4 months advanced notice.

Currently, it looks like it will be in late February, but that is only an estimate and they cannot guarantee a particular window of time in which we might receive the books. We are hoping by March but the publishing house has no solid answer for us.

We completely understand that this is very disappointing and frustrating for all of our buyers. It is frustrating for us as well, as you might imagine. We will work our very hardest to get these books to you as soon as we are possibly able. However, because of the long delay, and because we do not have an exact date for shipping, we are willing to cancel your order for a full refund if you wish.

If you would like to wait and still receive your order when it becomes available, you do not need to do anything. Your order will still be in our queue. If, however, you would like to request a refund, please email us and we will get it taken care of. Please keep in mind that Amanda and her assistant are currently hard at work on November boxes and Black Friday orders, so please be patient as it may take some time to process all refund requests.

Apologies again for the continued delays. And thank you so much for all your patience and understanding.

note: if you've ordered both the YA and adult boxes this will NOT impact your YA order. We will ship your YA order our as estimated and will hold your adult order for when the books arrive.

Mary and Amanda

November 3rd: Update on Lore Olympus mini editions

Your orders will begin shipping shortly in batches. If you have moved since you purchased your item please email us so that we can manually change the address on your order. Address changes made in the system applies only to future orders and does not apply to existing orders. So please let us know if you’ve moved and we can take care of that for you.

Please let us know if any address changes by November 5th at the latest.

Orders will be shipped in batches from November 8th through November 22nd. We will ship on time. However, because the publishing house has delayed shipping our orders to us by two weeks, we have still not received our book shipments.

We are currently in contact with them to ensure that our books arrive sometime this week. Our packing team will be working over time to get these orders packed for shipment. Because the publishers delayed processing our order in a timely manner we need to extend our ship time until November 30th.

This means if you were early on in the queue your order will still ship as promised with our update back in July. Those who ordered later in the queue will receive their orders slightly outside the anticipated timeframe. We will of course try to finish packing and shipping as quickly as possible but because our team will be taking Thanksgiving weekend to spend with their families we cannot guarantee we will get all orders out by November 22nd.

We thank you for your support and cannot wait for you to receive your orders.

-Amanda, office manager.


October 25th: Update YA mini book parcels

All adult lit & tunes and YA lit & tunes have shipped unless your adult lit & tunes is being shipped together with your YA mini book parcels.

The large item for our YA book parcels are set to arrive on October 28th. So we are looking at a ship date of October 29th through November 5th. However, our packing team is prepared to work overtime so while we have set the ship date through November 5th it's very possible they will finish getting these out much earlier.

We're aiming to get them all out the door by November 1st. But we wanted to give ourselves the buffer through November 5th.


October 18th: Update on Adult and Young Adult October boxes

The October book-only orders (YA lit & tunes, and Adult lit & tunes) are being prepped and packed for shipping. You should receive tracking emails shortly.

There is a possibility of a delay on the YA Mini Parcels, as one of the merch items for the box has been held up. The items were ordered several months ago specifically to account for shipping delays, but unfortunately, the items have been sitting in a port in Los Angeles port for a month with no movement just waiting to be unloaded from the ships. There are ships sitting out in the sea due to the traffic jam at the docks.

At this point, we are technically not delayed yet. October boxes are schedule to ship out between October 18th through October 29th.

The tracking this morning is that they have finally been unloaded from the ships and are waiting for UPS to schedule a pick up. Assuming UPS picks them up sometime this week and then begins the delivery process from California to Texas, we *estimate* that they’ll arrive sometime next week.

If this is the case then we can work overtime to prep and ship out mini boxes in time. However, our current wait is all dependent upon UPS.

We are hopeful that the items will make their way to us shortly, but we are uncertain of the schedule at this point, and wanted to give you all a warning of possible delays out of an abundance of caution.

We thank you for your patience and understanding.

September 30th: Update on Adult and Young Adult September boxes

We needed to give you an update about the September subscription boxes, which are unfortunately delayed.

As you may well be aware, the publishing industry (and frankly most industries) are experiencing unprecedented supply chain issues because of the continuing pandemic. One of the supplies most in demand and most delayed is paper -- for printing books, for making our custom dust jackets, and even for making the cardboard boxes used in shipping. We are currently experiencing delays on all fronts for September: we have the adult books on hand but the custom dust jackets have been delayed because our printers have not recieved their needed paper re-supply; and we have neither the books nor the custom dust jackets for the YA book as of yet.

Our printers are hopeful they will have their re-supply soon and will be able to start printing the custom jackets for the adult book. So it is our HOPE that we will be able to begin shipping those early next week. However, we do not currently have any exact estimates on wait time, nor do we know how much longer the YA boxes will be delayed.

We apologize for the string of delays in recent months, and thank you for your patience and understanding. We are all having to adjust to a new normal since the pandemic hit, and it is a steep learning curve for all involved.

Thank you all and have a good week!

-Amanda, office manager


September 14th: Update on EOTV shipping.

Just a small update from Amanda and David. As many of you may know, our offices are located in Houston, TX and they’ve been getting hit with rain from a tropical storm that’s now upgraded to a hurricane.

It flooded yesterday (Monday) in Amanda’s area and the city is shut down on Tuesday. Because of this our EOTV orders will begin shipping a few days late as neither team members are able to get into the offices. (Aside from dangerous flooding conditions I am unsure what power outages across the city is like.)

I know you’re all very excited to receive your orders. However, our team’s safety will always come first.

We’re hoping by Thursday or Friday you’ll start receiving your tracking. This also means those at the end of the queue might possibly be delayed outside our sipping queue. It depends on how losing 2-3 days puts our members behind.

Thanks so much for your patience! If you’re in the path of Nicholas I hope you’re all staying safe.

September 7th: Update about Lore Olympus orders. 

We just wanted to keep everyone updated regarding your Lore Olympus orders. As I am sure you've all heard by now, the publishers had to push back the publication release date of Lore Olympus volume 1.

Our mini editions you've ordered from us will now ship November 8th through November 22nd in the order which they were received.

We understand many of you did a double order of EOTV and LO in order to save on shipping. If you would rather these items ship separately, we can 100% accommodate this request. 

Please send an email to hello@foxandwit.com and we can invoice you the difference in shipping costs to split your package into two shipments.


September 6th: Update on August YA mini parcels: 

These have begun shipping. You will receive a tracking notification by September 14th 

August 6th. Update for August YA mini parcels:

In short, one of the larger items in our boxes were misprinted by the manufacturing vendors. Instead of shades of creams and browns (aka dark academia colors) they sent us items that are LIME GREEN. We found out 2 weeks ago and urged them to rush reprint. But they just sent us an email today saying the EARLIEST they can get these finished and shipped to us is August 31st (items are being made in China and takes time to ship.)

So unfortunately, our YA August mini boxes are delayed. Hopefully we can get these packed and shipped out first or second week of Sept.

We built in plenty of buffers but alas, we didn’t expect 6 weeks of delays because of a severe color misprint (they sent us samples and it looked perfect. Then they showed us the final product they sent us and thus we had to act fast to get these corrected).