Here you can find updates about upcoming boxes. Note, this page will be used to provide updates for boxes that may be delayed.

If you don't see an update this means our boxes are shipped on time.

Shipping dates and time frames are listed on each individual listing in bold. Please refer back to listing for more shipping information.


September 14th: Update on EOTV shipping.

Just a small update from Amanda and David. As many of you may know, our offices are located in Houston, TX and they’ve been getting hit with rain from a tropical storm that’s now upgraded to a hurricane.


It flooded yesterday (Monday) in Amanda’s area and the city is shut down on Tuesday. Because of this our EOTV orders will begin shipping a few days late as neither team members are able to get into the offices. (Aside from dangerous flooding conditions I am unsure what power outages across the city is like.)

I know you’re all very excited to receive your orders. However, our team’s safety will always come first.

We’re hoping by Thursday or Friday you’ll start receiving your tracking. This also means those at the end of the queue might possibly be delayed outside our sipping queue. It depends on how losing 2-3 days puts our members behind.

Thanks so much for your patience! If you’re in the path of Nicholas I hope you’re all staying safe.

September 7th: Update about Lore Olympus orders. 

We just wanted to keep everyone updated regarding your Lore Olympus orders. As I am sure you've all heard by now, the publishers had to push back the publication release date of Lore Olympus volume 1.

Our mini editions you've ordered from us will now ship November 8th through November 22nd in the order which they were received.

We understand many of you did a double order of EOTV and LO in order to save on shipping. If you would rather these items ship separately, we can 100% accommodate this request. 

Please send an email to hello@foxandwit.com and we can invoice you the difference in shipping costs to split your package into two shipments.


September 6th: Update on August YA mini parcels: 

These have begun shipping. You will receive a tracking notification by September 14th 

August 6th. Update for August YA mini parcels:

In short, one of the larger items in our boxes were misprinted by the manufacturing vendors. Instead of shades of creams and browns (aka dark academia colors) they sent us items that are LIME GREEN. We found out 2 weeks ago and urged them to rush reprint. But they just sent us an email today saying the EARLIEST they can get these finished and shipped to us is August 31st (items are being made in China and takes time to ship.)

So unfortunately, our YA August mini boxes are delayed. Hopefully we can get these packed and shipped out first or second week of Sept.

We built in plenty of buffers but alas, we didn’t expect 6 weeks of delays because of a severe color misprint (they sent us samples and it looked perfect. Then they showed us the final product they sent us and thus we had to act fast to get these corrected).