Terms of Use

By clicking the box upon check out, I hereby certify that I agree to the following terms.

My responsibilities as a buyer:

  • Read the ship dates listed on the product page for which I have purchased.
  • Have read listing information provided
  • Should I purchase more than one item, I understand everything will ship together with the latest item shipping out. Shipment is calculated as combined shipping into a single package.
  •  I understand that Fox & Wit is not responsible for delayed packages by the USPS.
  • I understand that USPS can take up to 3 months to deliver my package.
  •  I understand that Fox & Wit will not replace damaged items caused by my own usage. This includes damage I have caused removing items from the packaging.
  • I understand that Fox & Wit does not have any more shipping information than what I have access to. Fox & Wit cannot tell me where my package is because that information comes directly from USPS or my country's carrier once it has arrived into its destination country. 
  • I understand that I cannot request cancellations and refunds on orders once the pre-order dates have closed. I can only request a refund if pre-orders are still open.
  • I cannot request refunds on subscription boxes.


  •  I have read through the information provided on the subscription page.
  • I understand that I must skip or cancel my subscription by the 6th of every month and that my subscription renews on the 7th of every month
  •  I understand that I will receive two emails every month reminding me of my subscription renewal. The first email is the marketing email that goes out on the first of each month. The second email is an automated email reminding me my subscription will renew soon.
  •  I understand it is my responsibility to understand the subscription calendar, which Fox & Wit has clearly provided on the subscription page.
  • I understand that I must have at least one box shipped to be considered an active subscriber. Cancelling my first box will forfeit my subscription spot and I must restart a new subscription. 

International buyers:
  • I am responsible for understanding my country’s customs charges. I acknowledge that I am responsible for any custom charges that are due and that it is illegal for me to ask for the order value to be reduced to avoid custom charges.
  •  I confirm my understanding that because of the pandemic and USPS infrastructure issues international shipping can take anywhere between 1 to 4 months.
  • I understand that if I purchase an item being shipped to Australia I need to allow up to 3 months from the ship date for arrival due to postal infrastructure and delays.
  •  NOTE: this does not mean we, fox & wit, are delayed. We will continue to ship your orders out in a timely manner as noted on our website and within our processing timeline unless otherwise notified. This delay specifically refers to an item that has been shipped and has left our possession to make its way in transit to you.