About us

Fox & Wit has a bit of an odd beginning. In 2011 I made wedding invitations for one of my best friends and had hundreds of leftover envelopes and sheets of card stock. I opened an etsy shop to sell handmade cards as a way to declutter my home of the leftover stock. Somehow over time I found myself really loving designing greeting cards. What started off as an endeavor to clear out clutter has had the opposite effect. My inventory has expanded 10 fold and has taken over an entire room dedicated as my studio space.

In 2017 I introduced a line of monthly booki-ish boxes that incorporated my signature stationery products meshed with book merch products known as the book-tionery boxes

In 2018, I realized that I will forever have a love for stationery but my heart was no longer in designing and producing them. Instead, I've decided to combined my other two loves: books and music.

So now I run a book and merch box business, which includes curated book playlists.

While Fox & Wit's branding has changed over the years, the one thing that will never change are sustainability and authenticity. I will always honor where my passions lead me. Sometimes that means shifting my product offerings because I believe change, while scary, is the only way to stay authentic to both myself and my buyers. If my heart is no longer in something, buyers will immediately recognize this.

Fox & Wit has been and will always be committed to sustainability and protecting the environment. This means absolutely everything in the shop is recycled or re-used in a meaningful way. I try and produce as little waste as humanly possible when operating a business. 

This also means many of our merchandise products honor environmentally sustainable living with a stylish bookish twist.

Mary Nguyen is the head creative director and box curator of Fox & Wit. She's an American expat currently residing in Scotland. She's a teller of bad jokes and ridiculous sarcasm. She never leaves the house without a camera and book in hand. Music, especially on vinyls, and the mountains are her two favorite things.

Kaitlyn Nichol is the co-creative director for Fox & Wit. She lives in Ontario Canada with her husband and daughter. Most of her work is mixed media based including acrylic paint, watercolours, pen, and pencil crayon. She draws most of her inspiration from nature, books and music.

She illustrates the monthly spoiler preview cards for the boxes and the bookish incense labels.



Amanda is the office manager who handles customer service and packs orders with love and care.

She's the adult box curator and the resident expert in adult sci-fi and fantasy.


Kira Night is our artist in residence. She is a digital artist living in the Midwest United States. She has an obsession with flowers and dark and spooky aesthetics. Her work explores the intersection of the gentle and strange through dreamy color palettes, surreal imagery, and cute characters. Particularly favorite themes include perception versus reality and the grey areas between “good” and “evil.”
Angela De Vito is our second artist in residence.She  is a freelance animator and illustrator working in NYC. She graduated from the School of Visual Arts with a BFA in Animation in 2014 and since then she has worked on animation for commercials and series pitches with studios such as Hornet Inc., Titmouse Inc., Nathan Love and Disney Digital Network. In her spare time, she loves making work inspired by her favorite novels. This has led to collaborations with various book boxes, including being one of Fox & Wit's artists in residence!  Her graphic novel, Heartless Prince, is due out with Disney Hyperion in 2021. She lives with her family and her two adorable, rambunctious cats.