Humanitarian Aid for Gaza: A Bookish Donation and Raffle


1. Make a donation to the any organization/charity of your choice:

$5 for 5 entries, $10 for 10, $20 for 20 and $30+ for 30 entries. 

Any amount above $30 will count for a flat 30 entries to allow everyone to have a fair shot at winning prizes without only giving chances to those able to donate large amounts but please donate as much as you’re able or want! 

After the entry time period is over, we will have a generator select the winners out of the entries and send winner information to those who donated their prize. 


2. Submit proof of your donation to the Google Form here:

When you complete your payment, select "Download Tax Receipt."
This shows your donation amount so your entries can be tallied correctly!

All entries will go into one drawing pool and prizes will be drawn randomly.
There are many donations from amazing authors, artists and shops and we have every prize featured below to show what is being given away along with who donated each gift. You cannot select which prize you are wanting- prizes will be drawn randomly for winners!

Giveaway Prize Donations:


Jessica S. Taylor The Syren’s Mutiny & The Captain’s Revenge Hardcovers (Sprayed Edges) Andrea Tang SIGNED & PERSONALIZED: Rebelwing & Renegade Flight
Charissa Weaks SIGNED & ANNOTATED Witch Walker Books 1-3, 12 piece art pack, 6 stickers, handwritten letter from Charissa, and a 30 min Zoom call with the author Cammie SIGNED: When the Stars Alight
Emily Thiede SIGNED This Vicious Grace (available immediately) or This Cursed Light (to be shipped early Dec) Summer O'Toole Fox Family Crime Syndicate Series: Make Me, Hate Me, Keep Me
Vanessa Stefaniuk RADIO SILENCE: Dreams of Ana volume 1, “WHERE IS HOME?” vol 1&2 anthologies Coriana Hope SIGNED: Reign or Shine & Bookmark
Nicole Silver SIGNED: A Vision of Air, a short story chapbook, hand-printed bookmarks Opal Reyne Copy of A Soul to Keep
Erin Mainord SIGNED: The Blood That Binds Us, bookmark, & art print. Lydia Loomis Fated Mates of the Apocalypse Series (books 1-4)
Kayla Cottingham SIGNED: My Dearest Darkest and This Delicious Death D.J. Russo City Aliens Books 1 & 2
Rachel Reid SIGNED: Game Changer, Heated Rivalry, The Long Game, and Time to Shine Tamara Jerée SIGNED: The Fall That Saved Us
theladysparks Illumicrate Ninth House & Hell Bent Editions Rachel Mays Copy of A Beautiful Surrender
Taylor Wilson-West PERSONALIZED: Say I Do, Sunshine and Say I’m Yours Firecracker, character art, & magnets Lyssa Mia Smith SIGNED & ANNOTATED: Revelle & Character Art Prints
Meg Smitherman SIGNED: Destroyer Kylie Lee Baker SIGNED: Paperback & Hardcover Sets of The Keeper of Night Duology & SIGNED HC: The Scarlet Alchemist
Freydís Moon SIGNED: Entire Freydís Moon Paperback Catalog Lyssa Mia Smith ANNOTATED & SIGNED OWLCRATE EDITION: Revelle
Alexis C. Maness The Vengeance Duology & Swag @rejka on instagram  Lino Printed Queer Bookish Print
Alexia Onyx Come Out, Come Out & Swag Tanya Lynn SIGNED: Stealing His Sunshine
Clare Sager SIGNED: A Kiss of Iron and A Touch of Poison & Merch Brian D. Kennedy SIGNED: A Little Bit Country
River Kai SIGNED: My Shy Alpha &
Resonance: Space Gays, Volume 1
Blushing Bookmarks One Bookmark Collection from @blushingbookmarks
Molly Tullis The Asphodel Series Paperback Set Jane aka EJ Blaise The Sun Valley Series Set
Emily Antoinette Space for Love and Maneater, plus art & swag Chelsea Pitcher SIGNED: Lies Like Poison
Isabel Agajanian
FOX & WIT EDITION: Modern Divination
Marisa Urgo
WRITER PRIZE: Query critique
FOX & WIT EDITION: Modern Divination SIGNED: The Gravity of Missing Things
ARDENTLYBOOKISH DESIGN 5 graphic designs (illustration, merch)  Jenna Jarvis Copy of Digging For Heaven
Alyesa World Choice of US or UK Addie Larue dust jacket Erin Cotter WRITER'S PRIZE: 30 minute AMA
Tiffany Roberts SIGNED: The Spider's Mate Trilogy Omnibus; Ketahn & Ivy: Blanket, Tote, Acrylic Stand; Art Prints & Stickers
Lauren Yero
SIGNED: Under This forgetful Sky + book swag
Artist—Jemlin C Art Print Set (4x6) of Charlie Swan & Carlisle Cullen SIGNED: Under This forgetful Sky + book swag
T.M. Ledvina Of Blood, Bones, and Truth; set of character cards & enamel pin SIGNED: Under This forgetful Sky + book swag
Zoe Abrams SIGNED: The Crescent Spell & The Moonlit Dance, character art & swag Sarah Whalen SIGNED: This Doesn't Mean Anything, full print, sticker & bookmark set
Zeyneb Holdridge WRITER PRIZE: Query critique + first ten pages critique
Lauren Giesbrecht The Pin Library
Reading Journal
Adrienne Tooley
SIGNED: The Third Daughter; stickers & character art 5 Pins Prize Pack
SIGNED: Sweet & Bitter Magic 5 Pins Prize Pack
SIGNED: Sofi and the Bone Song Sarena & Sasha Nanua SIGNED & PERSONALIZED: Sisters of the Snake and Daughters of the Dawn
Pretty Gal Pins World of JLA Tarot Deck Custom Sprayed Edges Fourth Wing (Sprayed Scale Design Edges)
Margherita Scialla Book Bundle: By Your Side: a queerplatonic short story
Tears In The Water
Song of Phoenix and Ink
What The Stars Didn't Show Us
Isabel Ibañez BARNES AND NOBLE EDITION: What the River Knows (signed, personalized, with a doodle). Two art prints & enamel pin
Amelie Wen Zhao Illumicrate Edition: SONG OF SILVER, FLAME LIKE NIGHT + ARC of sequel + character art Elliot Fletcher Copy of The Paris Syndome
Allison Saft A signed and personalized copy of any/all of my books, including A Fragile Enchantment. Megan ARC of THE TEMPTATION OF MAGIC (ships early next year when proofs become available)
Morally Grey Kay 3D Printed Dragon of Winner's Choice Amy Goldsmith SIGNED & PERSONALIZED: Those We Drown, all preorder goodies
Ayesha Mattu SIGNED: “Love, InshAllah: The Secret Love Lives of American Muslim Women” & “Salaam, Love: American Muslim Men on Love, Sex, & Intimacy”, collectively featuring 47 Muslim writers. Daniela Romero SPECIAL EDITION BADDIES BOOK BOX: Iced Out by CE Ricci, God of Pain by Rina Kent, Find Me by Ashley N Rostek, Greed by Eva Charles, Dance Butterfly Dance by Reese Rivers, Start a Fire by J Wolf, Crooked Crows by Elena Lawson, Ruining Dahlia by CR Jane
Pascale Lacelle
Copy of Curious Tides (5 prizes Readscapism rebound by hand the books These Violent Delights & Our Violent Ends by Chloe Gong (can be seen here:
Copy of Curious Tides Jen St. Jude SIGNED & PERSONALIZED: If Tomorrow Doesn’t Come
Copy of Curious Tides Ax Cole Copy of The Gambler
Copy of Curious Tides Clio Evans Creature Cafe Special Edition Set
Copy of Curious Tides Siggy Chambers Copy of The Binding of Bloom Mountain & Goodies
Kaylie Smith SIGNED: A Ruinous Fate & signed ARC of A Reckless Oath Becka Mack SIGNED DISCREET SPECIAL EDITION SET: Consider Me, Play With Me, and Unravel Me
Nisha J Tuli SIGNED: Trial of the Sun Queen and Rule of the Aurora King Cassandra Page (writing as C. E. Page) Sovereigns of Bright and Shadow Set (Deathborn, Brightling, and Sovereigns)
A.A. Fairview TEETH AND TAROT and CRYSTALS AND CONTRACTS, holographic sticker, quote sticker The Fiction Fix WRITER PRIZE: 20k words of copyediting and proofing (anything further will need to be covered by the winner at The Fiction Fix’s published rates)
Alix E. Harrow Signed Subterranean Press editions of The Ten Thousand Doors of January, The Once and Future Witches, and both Fractured Fables novellas Becca Spence Dobias SIGNED: On Home by Becca Spence Dobias, book themed candle & enamel pin
Alicia MB Art One Personal/Commercial Character Portrait (May take up to a month to paint) Nightshade Candles Set of 5 Bookish Candles
Casey Blair A Coup of Tea (Tea Princess Chronicles Book 1) June CL Tan SIGNED & PERSONALIZED: JADE FIRE GOLD + swag
London Shah WRITER PRIZE: First three chapters (up to 10k words) Critique of SFF Children’s or Young Adult lit, w/ feedback via Phonecall. Alexandra Overy Signed set of books
Catrina Bell $10 Amazon Gift Card, Signed Paperback + swag Em. S. Corner Art Commission Prize
Nelle Nikole Copy of RISING, map printout & character art Analeigh sbrana SIGNED ARC: Lore of the Wilds
Allie Shante Living Legend Paperback, Tote & Couple Print Elle Samhain SIGNED: Shintori Chronicles + printed extras (stickers, bookmarks, art postcards)
Demi Winters
The Road of Bones & Kiss my Axe Pin Taylor Hubbard Copy of A Corruption of Souls
The Road of Bones & Kiss my Axe Pin Biblio Wonders Read & Rate Bookmarks & 3 Stickers (fantasy bubble, romance bubble, & happily ever after bubble)
Mikayla D. Hornedo The Sun, The Storm, & The Shadows and The Secret of the Serpent Miranda Sapphire Copy of A Light In the Dark
Phases and Pages $100 gift card to Phases and Pages Victoria Lee SIGNED: A Shot in the Dark
Mariel pomeroy SIGNED: Helfyre and Honey (2 books) Saara El-Arifi Faebound Early Reader Copy (out 2024)
Book Lovers Collective
5 Sticker Set Prize Pack Lou Wilham SIGNED: The Hex Next Door and The Ghost of Hexes Past, & Witches of Moondale swag
10 CAD Gift Card to Shop Caylan MacRae Copy of Cutting Your Teeth
L.B. Divine SIGNED: The Prince of Snow and The King of Flames faecrate: Monsters & Muses Boxed set by Sav R. Miller and 2 Once Upon a Broken Heart dust jacket sets (3 prizes total)
Olive J. Kelley SIGNED & PERSONALIZED: Junker Seven and As the Light Goes Out fox & wit the house witch
Rebecca Thorne WRITER PRIZE: Publishing Consultation Call (45 min) or first pages critique (up to 3000 words) Cammie SIGNED: When the Stars Alight
Nicki Pau Preto SIGNED & PERSONALIZED: Bonesmith Shannon Chakraborty The Adventures of Amina al-Sirafi Prize Set: Limited Edition UK ARC, Signed HB US Edition, Signed English translation of Medieval Arabic Trickster's Guide & Art Card
Sarah Blue Charming Series Hardcovers (1-3), stainless tumbler, skull wax melts & bookmark Books Cats and Tats New Copy of Fourth Wing (non-sprayed edges)
Chloe Gong SIGNED YA PACK: These Violent Delights, Our Violent Ends, Foul Lady Fortune, and Foul Heart Huntsman Mahi Mistry Winner's Choice from Author's Backlist or The Unfolding Duet hardcover w/ discreet cover
Elisha Kemp Copy of Drown the Sea Emilia Jae Copy of The Dagger And The Forbidden Heir
Racquel Marie SIGNED & PERSONALIZED FIRST EDITION: You Don’t Have A Shot & Art Print
Autumn Woods SIGNED ARC: Evergreen
Kala Elizabeth Pin & Sticker Prize Pack of the Winner's Choosing
Leanne Schwartz SIGNED: A Prayer for Vengeance & two character art cards
@ booksartj Hand-Crafted Nature Bookmarks Set (3)
Jinapher J. Hoffman SIGNED: For Mist and Tar
Laila Sabreen
Copy of You Truly Assumed
Hannah Conrad SIGNED: The Perfect Distance & Legacy
Tessa Sayre (Tess Carletta) Kit & Basie Bookish Bundle (Book, art prints, bookmarks, stickers, book overlay, and crocheted keychain)
Andromeda Ruins Δάιος Box: Paperback Copy of the book & 6 Character Stickers Noah Hawthorne Copy of The Rebel Foxes
Naomi Kelly Signed copy: A Portrait of Pride: A Sweet Regency Romance S.S. Genesee EBOOKS: All Tomorrow's Photos and All Yesterday's Papers
Gigi and Bo $120+ of bookmarks from my shop (20 bookmarks) Evelyn Benvie RAINBOW CRATE EDITION: I Am Not Your Chosen One
Dana Isaly SIGNED: One Night Series (1-5) S.O. Callahan Copy of Fella Enchanted
Koren (K. M.) Enright WRITER PRIZE: Query Package Critique (query, synopsis, first chapter)
Sue Lynn Tan
SIGNED US Paperback Set: Daughter of the Moon Goddess & Heart of the Sun Warrior
Cassandra Diviak SIGNED & PERSONALIZED: Laws of Love Duology SIGNED UK Paperback Set: Daughter of the Moon Goddess & Heart of the Sun Warrior
Threaded By Sabrina
Embroidered Book Sweatshirt from @ThreadedBySabrina SIGNED US Edition ARC of Tales of the Celestial Kingdom
Embroidered Book Sweatshirt from @ThreadedBySabrina Tales and Tomes Bookstore $50 Gift Voucher @talesandtomes_bookstore
Embroidered Book Sweatshirt from @ThreadedBySabrina Precious Dikko SIGNED: To Catch a Rebel
Gina Chen Custom VIOLET MADE OF THORNS book box with a signed/annotated copy (choice of US or UK hardcover) + themed goodies Rebecca Robertson Book Merch Pack: enamel pins, stickers etc.
C.N. Crawford SIGNED: Demon Queen Trials Omnibus Sarah SIGNED: Don't Wake, Bloom, and choice of one signed paperback
Seraya Imani SIGNED: Nemesis & goodies Kara Douglas SIGNED: Lunaria
Jess Taylor SIGNED: Forget Me Not, Bleeding Hearts, & physical ARC of Blazing Stars Alechia Dow SIGNED & PERSONALIZED: Alechia Dow Full Collection & swag
Hannah Cowan Exclusive Illustrated Paperbacks: Her Greatest Mistake and Her Greatest Adventure Charlie Book Recs Charliesbookrecs Prize Commission
Colby Wilkens SIGNED Bound Manuscript: If I Stopped Haunting You & swag Genna Black SIGNED: Haverhill Burning and No Small Sin
Sara Hashem
SIGNED & PERSONALIZED (quote of choice): The Jasad Heir, Character Card & Sticker Blissfully Bookish Company $50 Gift Card @blissfullybookishtees
SIGNED & PERSONALIZED (quote of choice): The Jasad Heir, Character Card & Sticker E.M. Anderson Poster & Character Stickers from The Remarkable Retirement of Edna Fisher
SIGNED & PERSONALIZED (quote of choice): The Jasad Heir, Character Card & Sticker Daniela A. Mera Copy of The Gilded Survivor
Cozy Reads Shop 3 Bookmarks from @cozyreadsshop Sarah Wallace Copy of Letters to Half Moon Street
Jamie Pacton
SIGNED: The Vermilion Emporium and The Absinthe Underground (When Published, 2/6/24) Crystal Rose Copy of Lunar Paradise
WRITERS PRIZE: 1 Hour Zoom Call about writing/publishing Between the Covers Shop Winners choice of a sweatshirt/tshirt, a tote bag and a selection of stickers (non-licensed designs only)
Catherine Bakewell SIGNED & ANNOTATED: Flowerheart Joanna Monahan Copy of Something Better
Emily B Rose SIGNED & PERSONALIZED ARC: Call of the Sea Ki Stephens SIGNED: Special Edition Box Set of Coastal University Series
Victoria Woods SIGNED: Author's 6 Books Set
Philline Harms
SIGNED & PERSONALIZED: Love and Other Wicked Things
L.K. Reid Sins of Ophelia Aster and How Our Hearts Break SIGNED & PERSONALIZED: Love and Other Wicked Things
Judy Lin SIGNED: The Book of Tea Duology, art print & map Seth Haddon Copies of Reforged and Reborn
Between the Pages Jewelry Starborn Necklace
Regine Abel
SIGNED: Mist series (The Mistwalker and The Nightmare) & Swag
Penn Cole The Kindred's Curse Saga (1-3) & e-ARC of the fourth/final book SIGNED: Prime Mating Agency Series 1-2 (I Married A Lizardman and I Married a Naga) & Swag
Laura Thalassa SIGNED: The Bargainer Series Amara Lynn Copies of: Tundras, Travelers, and Other Travesties and Futures, Friends, and Other Firsts
Quinton Li Copy of Tell Me How it Ends Marzy Opal SIGNED: The Guy For Me Novella, Corrupted By You Special Edition + Art Prints/Swag

@ Iridedscent Fairytale Co
dust jacket set of the winner's choice TF Johnson Copy of The Sharp Edge of Fate
Nicole Platania The Curse of Ophelia and The Shards of Ophelia Airic Fenn EBOOK: The Dreamer and the Marked
Allegra Hall Art Print Set, Stickers + Signed Bookplate Jenny L. Howe SIGNED & PERSONALIZED: The Make-up Test & Swag
Saba Ahmed
Shapes of Water Poetry Collection
Lyn Nomadic Worlds
Cross Stitch Canvas "I'm Done Adulting Let's Be Mermaids" (without frame)
Shapes of Water Poetry Collection Mug cozy/wrap - Witch's Brew (Pink)
Shapes of Water Poetry Collection S. Jae-Jones SIGNED: Wintersong & Shadowsong Paperback & SIGNED US Hardcover of Zhara
WRITERS PRIZE: A 5 page critique of any fiction or poetry manuscript. Jacquelyn Benson SIGNED: The Fire in the Glass
Romantasy Designs £15 e-Gift Card for Romantasy Designs Shop Rani Selvarajah WRITER PRIZE: Submission package critique (query letter, synopsis and first three chapters/50 pages)
Emily @ Fandom Decor Shop $50 @fandomdecorshop Shop Gift Card
5 bookmarks, 1 TBR bookend pair, and a set of Reading Fuel coasters
Priyanka Taslim SIGNED: THE LOVE MATCH Hafsah Faizal SIGNED & PERSONALIZED: We Hunt the Flame
Paola Interview on my channel and/or social media assets to promote your book Lucien Burr paperback copy of The Teras Trials
I_Cam_Read Digital Portrait Commission of the Winner’s Choice
Book Chic Boutique 2 Booksleeves
Sarah Underwood PERSONALIZED ILLUMICRATE EDITION: Lies We Sing to the Sea