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 Dynamic female characters, plenty of action and gore, and an intriguing world shrouded in mystery (and blood) are the beating heart of this month’s delightfully grotesque read. Our heroine is an ambitious and cunning young woman at the top of her small, insular society. Or so she thinks. When her carefully-constructed scheming is foiled and her power is stripped from her, our young heroine does what any person would do: breaks out of jail, murders the powerful leader and provider of her city, and goes on the run with her loyal, submissive best friend.

This book’s characters—especially it’s women—are refreshingly, unapologetically unlikable. They scheme and plot, they’re quick to violence and demand to be in control, and they aspire to domination and seek admiration above all. It’s easy to root for characters you adore; this read challenges us to invest in a young woman who makes terrible decisions for all the wrong reasons, and refuses to apologize or back down from them. She has her vulnerabilities and soft spots, as well, and this dichotomy creates an authentically original, complex anti-heroine.

The world-building in this book is a strong selling point and a major mystery for both readers and our characters. As we learn about the history, power, culture, and even geography in this world, so does our heroine. Her universe expands as quickly as the plot develops, and every new corner explored brings a fresh revelation and more questions left to answer. Even more exciting is our heroine’s active role in breaking down her old society and boldly inserting herself into a new one; no matter how this world unfolds before her, we know our heroine is going to be at the center of it.


Fans of Rory Power, unlikable main characters, and gore, this one is definitely for you!


This month our merch will be a Dark Academia bookstagram prop box.
collectable comic strip: scene from Wicked Saints illustrated by Angela Animates

This is a late release book so boxes will ship October 20th to the 27th




This month’s contemporary read is just So. Stinking. Cute. Fans of coming-of-age stories, romances filled with witty dialogue, and humor will fall in love with this funny, down-to-earth story of the pressures, struggles, and hustle of a first-generation.

This #inownvoices narrative follows a popular senior at an elite high school who’s family, home, and life are drastically different from those of his wealthy, affluent peers. And yet the same grand expectations of academic success, an Ivy League college education, and a promising future are still placed on our hero’s shoulders—by his school, his loving family, and, most of all, himself. He uses his winning personality to hide his ambition and his fear of failure. But when a classmate threatens to expose his less-than-legitimate side hustle, our main character learns that some people see his most authentic self—the boy behind The Smile—and love him for it. 

The heart of this book is its characters. Each one is quirky and alive, with their own unique voice. They’re also relatable, insanely human and vulnerable. They make assumptions and mistakes, they stumble and sometimes they crash and burn. But more than anything, they will charm the pants off you.



This month we're working with Black small businesses and artists to bring you a selection of merch to celebrate books and diversity. Our fandom item will be from Lord of The Rings.

Please note: this box will have fewer items than usual because the cost will be more to work with US based, small businesses whose items are not produced in China. Fewer items does not mean lower value. Rather, we are putting money directly into the hands of Black Americans creators and artist and are supporting their small business venture rather than a mass factory overseas. We will NOT have a collectable comic strip for the month of September so we can allocate that budget to the Black vendors in our boxes.

We will include a full bio for each of our vendors so that you may learn more about them.


DELAY NOTICE! We have to delay our September YA shipment. We received notice from the publishers that the book on sale date got pushed back on their end due to a printing issue so we’ll be shipping our books 1 week later than advertised. Our new ship date for our October YA book and book parcel will be October 5th through the 9th.


This is a late release book so boxes will ship September 29th through October 7th