Adult Lit & Tunes December Single Purchase

Adult Lit & Tunes December Single Purchase

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SHIP DATES: due to the various winter holidays in December that our team celebrates, this will be a late December shipment box. Estimated: December 26th through January 7th

Monthly collectable: quarterly wood bookmark


This month's Fox & Wit adult subscription book has an exclusive dust jacket designed by Kara Mains and an exclusive foiled hardcover case


Only London, run by the University, is safe in a world under monstrous threat. The University grants safety only to those who earn their keep. When the University opens admissions to the whole country in anticipation of an increased threat, a young man must give up on his dream and discover what's more important: integrity or survival.

TW: Homophobia, substance abuse, religious trauma, gore, death, violence, body horror, suicide, ableism, physical and mental abuse

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