Adult Lit & Tunes July Single Purchase

Adult Lit & Tunes July Single Purchase

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SHIP DATES: July 25th through August 5th

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This month's Fox & Wit adult book will come with an exclusive dust jacket illustrated.



This month's novel is a feminist, historically-based retelling of a popular fairy tale from a debut author, set in the midst of the dark, foreboding Black Forest. The story opens with a young girl who lives in poverty with her family, and suffers from strange fainting spells that have led the village to mark her as either possessed or cursed. When her mother dies and her father abandons her, this girl sets out to find the secret tower in the forest, once told of in whispered tales by her mother. This secret tower seems to call to it all women and girls in need. There the young girl finds a wise woman who takes her under her care, and also another girl in hiding, who holds a secret that could shake the foundations of society -- both the Church and the nobility.

This novel is filled to the brim with detailed historical research of medieval Germany and all the darkness that entails -- corrupt nobility, an oppressive Church, the degradations of poverty, and the abuse of women. It is also filled with magic and the wonders of herb lore and traditional healing practices. At its heart is the girl who would become one of the most famous witches in fairy tale lore, telling her own story and setting the record straight in the name of all the abandoned, reviled, and abused women in history. At turns powerful, mysterious, and heartbreaking, this book is for fans of fairy tales, historical fantasy, and retellings from the villain's perspective (such as Wicked by Gregory Maguire).

Content Warnings: child abuse, a severe (but historically appropriate) misunderstanding of neurological disorders, and religious trauma

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