Adult Lit & Tunes June Single Purchase

Adult Lit & Tunes June Single Purchase

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SHIP DATES: June 27th through July 8th

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This month's Fox & Wit adult book will come with an exclusive dust jacket illustrated.



June’s adult book brings us to modern-day New Orleans, a city that over a decade later is still reeling from the effects of Hurricane Katrina. But this is not the New Orleans we know. This is a New Orleans where ghosts wander the streets and play phantom music on phantom instruments. This is a New Orleans where graffiti art has come alive and floats about the city, driving those who walk through it mad. This is a New Orleans where magic is performed through music, and jazz is the most powerful magic there is.

In this New Orleans, an evil spirit has awoken and plots destruction. It has stolen the most powerful Songs of the city, the living embodiments of the soul of New Orleans that keep the city safe and magical and alive. It falls on a couple of children, including a teen boy who is traumatized by his failed attempts to become a musician of the magical variety, to somehow find the stolen songs, return them to their rightful places, and stop the evil spirit that wishes to do harm to their beloved city. Meanwhile, a trans-man with secrets of his own — who may or may not have been the first to discover how to paint graffiti that comes to life — must discover how he fits into the music of the city he has returned to after running away years before.

This book is an exciting, dreamy, suspenseful story from a debut POC author, featuring an almost-entirely black cast of characters with diverse perspectives on class, race, and sexuality. It is a love letter to New Orleans, to jazz, and to all the strange and wild magic that exists in the city and the music. And at its heart is a story of the lengths people will go to in order to protect the people and the places they love. (Make sure to keep a notepad nearby when you read so you can remember the name of every jazz musician referenced in the book!)


character dealing with a transphobic family, some mentions of drug-use, fantasy-horror elements (including some gross descriptions of rats)

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