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Two Options

1) mini book parcel- book, plus monthly collectable item and 1-2 additional merch items.

2) lit & tunes- If you just want the surprise book onlyand the book soundtrack.

Boxes will ship June 28th through July 9th


Fox & Wit exclusive dust jacket illustrated by Forensic and Flowers


This is not your typical witch book. Witches in this novel are bound by seasonal magic. Every witch's powers is tied directly to the season which determines what magical elements they can control. Together, they work together to keep the planet safe for inhabitants. However, with global warming getting out of control and the non-magic people refusing to do their part, witches are dying or losing control of their magic entirely in efforts to keep environmental effects at bay.

A rare witch, one who controls all four seasons, can help save them all. The problem is her magic is so erratic. Every time she uses her powers, people close to her are killed. So she has plans to strip herself of magic entirely during the next eclipse. But she must choose: the ability to care for people freely without risk of her magic killing them or to use her powers to help save the planet and its people.



Included will be our collectable seasonal stamp pins designed by @forensicandflowers

This box will have three additional items. Two items which will aesthetic cottage core items, both of which are usable.. The other will be the third of our monthly collectable dust jacket for Kingsbane illustrated by Kira Night


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