Book Parcel

Book Parcel

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Introducing the Fox & Wit Book Parcel! Every month you will receive a newly released young adult or adult book along side merch items. Because we believe in sustainability and usability the high quality items in this box will be both beautiful but also functional.

Introducing book soundtracks

Every month your box will include access to a digital soundtrack playlist themed around the book in your box! The music will immerse your reading experience and transport you into the world of the book.

Two Options

1) book parcel- This will be a full fandom merch and book box.
2) lit & tunes- If you just want book only and the book soundtrack.


This month we've got a sapphic fantasy with enemies to lovers trope.

Decades ago, a queen is unable to conceive a child, so she holds a contest looking for someone who can craft her an automaton child as life like as possible. Thus the creation of a new breed has emerged. Originally meant to bring peace to their lands, the automatons and humans are now at war because the humans have become oppressed. The king is in part responsible for the violence and discord amongst his people both automaton and humans. A young girl vows to revenge the death of her parents by insinuating herself into the king's court and by getting close enough to the princess to kill her. The princess, while innocent, is a pawn to make the king suffer for his bloody politics. But what happens when our young lady gets to know the princess?

MERCH IN THE BOX: This box is will include merch inspired by The Lunar Chronicles and tech-y inspired items that are practical and useful.

boxes will begin shipping October 14th through October 18th.