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Book Parcel

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Two Options

1) mini book parcel- book, plus monthly collectable item and 1-2 additional merch items.

2) lit & tunes- If you just want the surprise book only and the book soundtrack.


 Boxes will ship May 26th through June  7th


Exclusive dust jacket illustrated by Kira Night


A young book restorer receives a mysterious diary that appears centuries old that was delivered to her bookshop. After the bookshop she works in burns down, she's  forced into a a dangerous journey with two close childhood friends to Dublin, Ireland. There, they must all use their various skills to piece together paltry clues left by the diary to chase down a treasure. But it's not a treasure they want found by anyone other than themselves. The legend has it the treasure will release the curse of a celtic queen of war bent on destruction. Will their wits be enough to lead them to the treasure before the "bad guys" unleash this curse and to save the world?


Each month @forensicandflowers will design a 4.5” x 3” high quality printed chipboard card showcasing a book cover (not belonging to any specific book). They will be designed in a way that you can attach an enamel pin to each card. You can then display your book cover pin card on our wood pin shelves available  in the shop.

This box will have two additional items. One is inspired by The Mummy. The other will be the second of our monthly collectable dust jacket for Kingsbane illustrated by Kira Night


PLEASE NOTE ABOUT ORDERING MULTIPLE BOXES: If you order more than one box or item, everything will ship together with the latest item shipping out. Shipment is calculated as combined shipping into a single package. If you prefer items to ship as soon as available, then please purchase separately. Otherwise, items go out with the latest dated shipment.