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Two Options

1) mini book parcel- book, plus monthly collectable item and 1-2 additional merch items.

2) lit & tunes- If you just want the surprise book only and the book soundtrack.

Boxes will ship November 23 to december 7th


Exclusive dust jacket illustrated by Daludna


This is a mash up of the Brothers Grimm fairytales and follows 4 main characters. It  is a battle between twin brother and sister for a kingdom. One wants peace and equality the people who shift into animals and the other wants their destruction. This novel includes queer love representation.

Content warning


We cannot list every content warning for this book because this tale follows the tradition of being dark much like the Grimm Brother’s original tales. So please take care in reading this if you are sensitive to violence.

One very specific content warning however. There is rape via object penetration.



Each month Forensic and Flowers will a stamp enamel pin inspired by the  monthly seasons.

This will be a fandom neutral box with items with usable items inspired by folklore aesthetic.


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