A Million To One Exclusive Special Edition by Fox & Wit

A Million To One Exclusive Special Edition by Fox & Wit

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Fox & Wit exclusive dust jacket 


This book is about a historical heist set aboard a doomed voyage with queer romance and self-discovery. Four poor young women from very different backgrounds board the ship of dreams in hopes of stealing a priceless treasure. It’s their only ticket out of the slums, and they put everything on the line to succeed. The artist, the actress, the gymnast, and of course, the mastermind thief. Each plays their part to perfection, not expecting the love, or tragedy, awaiting them in the coming days. Will they even survive to enjoy the new life they fought so hard for?


content warning: contains mentions of parental neglect, parental abandonment, parental death, and abuse. It also contains instances of death (specifically death by drowning).


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