Book Parcel January Single Purchase

Book Parcel January Single Purchase

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Our book only parcel is book only plus our monthly collectable item.

SHIP DATES: January 30th to February 5th


Fox & Wit exclusive dust jacket 


Fox and Wit’s January young adult book. A hedgewitch protects her small town from the creatures escaping the neighboring fairyland in the forest, but now a dark creature from the horrific place in-between the two threatens the peace. She forms a coven with one boy who was cursed to forget his true love at 16, and another who has necromantic abilities. Will they be able to finally defeat a darkness that has existed for hundreds of years? 

content warning: contains mentions of parental neglect, parental abandonment, parental death, and abuse. It also contains instances of death (specifically death by drowning).


This month's collectable are bookish charms in collaboration with Blissfully Bookish! They should fit any of Blissfully Bookish's necklace and bracelets but you can clip them onto just about anything your heart fancies. We'll announce the fandom soon.

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