Lit & Tunes February Single Purchase

Lit & Tunes February Single Purchase

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Monthly collectable: The second collectable dust jacket for Kingdom of Copper by S.A. Chakraborty


This month's Fox & Wit adult book will come with an exclusive dust jacket illustrated by Alice M. Power


Fox & Wit's February adult book is from an author we have featured before in the YA box, writing their first adult fantasy. This is a beautiful lyrical novel set on a magical island with spirits and magic inspired by Gaelic/Scottish lore. A bard who was banished to the mainland a decade ago is summoned home from his position teaching at a university, and returns despite his resentments and misgivings. However, when he arrives on the magical island that hurt himself so deeply, he discovers both that the island still feels irrevocably like HOME, and that things are far more dire than he could have guessed. Young girls are disappearing from their families without trace or explanation. The heiress of the clan and the bard’s childhood enemy has called him home to fulfill his role as bard and help her uncover the mysteries that might help them recover the stolen girls. Together they will face down the powerful spirits of the island, unravel secrets buried deep in their paths, and confront their own feelings.

This book is for anyone who enjoys Scottish-infused fantasy, loves a fast-paced adventure story, and appreciates the power of music. It also features a compelling rivals-to-lovers romance subplot, which is always a delight. While this is an adventure story full of wonder and magic, it is at its heart a story about the secrets that bind people, the sacrifices one is willing to make for power, and the many kinds of love that can save not only individuals but whole communities.

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