Illuminae Character Dust Jacket Set

Illuminae Character Dust Jacket Set

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Pre-orders close December 16th.

These won’t set to ship until January 13th through end of that week. We’ll obviously ship them sooner if able but with the cluster of holidays around the corner both our artist Kira and the fox & wit team members will be taking time off in December and parts of early January. The printers are also closed for extended periods of days due to the holidays.


Kira Night will be re-creating our popular Illuminae character cards into dust jackets for each of the Illuminae files books: Kady and Ezra will be featured on Illuminae. Hannah and Nik will be featured on Gemina and brand new illustrations of Asha and Rhys will be featured on Obsidio.

These will fit the US hardback editions of the series. Image shown will not be the final product. Kira will make minor adjustments so they beautifully fit the covers.

You will receive 3 dust jackets rolled and mailed inside of a poster tube.