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This month's Fox & Wit adult book will come with an exclusive dust jacket illustrated by Xenia R.


For years, she has lived isolated from her family, not really a princess, almost a nun, in order to avoid the same fate as her sisters: to be married off in the name of politics. But when she discovers that her sister suffers abuse at the cruel hands of her husband, our heroine embarks on a series of impossible tasks to gather the help she requires to do something even more impossible: kill a prince.

Along the way, this shy, somewhat awkward “not-a-princess-almost-a-nun” collects a grave-witch whose familiar is a chicken possessed by a demon, an unfairly attractive disgraced knight, a mediocre fairy godmother, and the loyalest of dogs. Together this ragtag group of misfits will attempt to harness their unlikely skills in the name of justice (or perhaps revenge?).

From a veteran author of much loved and award-winning fiction, comes this new dark, twisted fairy tale. This novel borrows all the classic fairy tale elements such as: princes and princesses, a damsel-in-distress, an evil witch, a knight, three impossible tasks, and more magic than you can shake a stick at; and yet this novel gives us something brand new and brilliant, mixing and twisting these elements into unexpected shapes and roles. Lyrical, dream-like, and sharp as a razor, this novel will cut through you with its heartbreak, beauty, wisdom, and hope. It asks the reader to consider how far one is willing to go for family and duty, what the difference is between justice and revenge, and what to do when the thing about yourself you hate the most is precisely the thing that is needed. (Personal note from Amanda: It also features some of the best sentences I’ve read in quite a long time, including an opening-line that shot through me like an arrow. So be prepared.)

content warning:

domestic/spousal abuse, violence, a semi-graphic description of teeth-pulling, and vague mentions of cannibalism (also, for those who need to know about the pets: the dog survives)

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