Lit & Tunes December Single Purchase

Lit & Tunes December Single Purchase

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Boxes will ship December 27th through January 7th

Monthly collectable: third collectable dust jacket for The Winner's Kiss


This book will come with an exclusive Fox & Wit dust jacket illustrated by @mateusrobertsart


This month’s adult book option takes us deep into the mountains, dark and mysterious, full of danger and secrets. In a story that is part mystery, part psychological suspense, we follow a cast of characters as they attempt to unravel the secrets that have tangled them all up together. The novel opens with a freelance private investigator who is trying to track down a children’s book author who disappeared five years ago. But we are not here for the PI himself, as he quickly disappears as well. Our true story lies in the secret mountain village he may or may not have disappeared from — a village were a man, his wife, and his sister-in-law live have lived all their lives, having never seen the outside world. When this small family accidentally stumbles upon strange evidence of visitors to the village who vanished into thin air, they realize they have been living in a web of dangerous secrets they could never have guessed at. To understand both what is happening, and the stories of their own lives, they will have to uncover truths that would much stay hidden in the dark.

This is a moody, creepy novel without being horror. The prose is rich and textured. The characters are complex, fully-realized — at turns relatable and completely baffling. As the secrets unfold, this book will keep you on your toes, and you’ll be thinking about it long after it’s over.


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