Lit & Tunes January Single Purchase

Lit & Tunes January Single Purchase

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Boxes will ship January 24th-feb 9th

Monthly collectable: The first collectable dust jacket for The City of Brass by S.A. Chakraborty


This month's Fox & Wit adult book will come with sprayed edges


In this debut fantasy by a WOC author, we enter a beautiful but dangerous magical realm inspired by Chinese mythology. The novel follows the trials and adventures of an intelligent but sheltered young woman who is chased from her home and must learn to fend for herself in a kingdom that must not learn of her true identity at any cost. After suffering indignity upon indignity she is given a chance to learn alongside a prince who wishes to prove he is nothing like his despotic parents, and the two build a friendship that slowly develops into more. But eventually, the young woman must leave, driven forward by the need to prove herself a capable warrior on a dangerous quest, and earn the prize that could save her home and her family. Along the way, she will have to make difficult choices, face treachery and forbidden power, and risk everything she holds dear.

This book is for those who love fantasy inspired by mythology, angsty romance, and daring adventures. It is also a book for girls who do for themselves, who make their own paths and fight their own battles and save the day all on their own, thank you very much. With beautiful thoughtful prose written in first-person, this novel explores the ways hope and determination can keep us going through the most difficult and harrowing of circumstances, and the kinds of sacrifices one must be willing to make in the name of honor and fulfilling a dream

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