Lit & Tunes May Single Purchase

Lit & Tunes May Single Purchase

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Boxes will ship  May  23rd through June 3rd

Monthly collectable: wood bookmark


This month's Fox & Wit adult book will come with an exclusive dust jacket illustrated Liz from Riddle & Ravens, a digital signature tip in AND custom artwork printed onto the hardback



This month is about two strangers who become friends over their course of their letter correspondences. But something happens and the two become enemies. In an arranged marriage,  the two must learn how to co-exist despite their burning  hatred towards each other.

This is a witchy fantasy book! The wife demands that she be allowed to attend university and in return, she promises she'll be less hostile towards her husband. However, women witches simply do not attend university so she must learn to navigate a new environment that is determines to break her will to learn. Meanwhile, her husband vows to protect her without overstepping into her freedom and independence.

This book  is filled with all our favorite tropes: friends to enemies to lovers and forced proximity. And  is full of heat!

content warning:

This is a level 5 spice book, which means it contains a lot of explicit sex scenes.

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