The Silver Birds Exclusive Special Edition by Fox & Wit

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On a cursed island where birds steal hearts and blades of grass cut sharper than knives, two young women driven by revenge take on solving a series of mysterious deaths.

Every winter’s first snow, a flock of silver birds descends upon Namu Island and leaves with a heart. When River’s father is taken, she seeks vengeance. But soon uncanny events unfold: islanders die in eerie ways, the woods turn green in the dead of winter, River’s brother disappears, and a strange woman turns up. To save her brother and unravel the island’s mystery, River will be cast into an unexpected alliance that will challenge her beliefs, trust, and love.

THE SILVER BIRDS is a queer enemies-to-lovers dark fantasy novel, which features conflicted characters filled with rage and wants for revenge, yet fiercely protective of the ones they trust enough to love. There is no good and evil, but rather a beautifully dark grey where monsters who aren’t really monsters live.