YA Book Parcel February Single Purchase

YA Book Parcel February Single Purchase

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Our book only parcel is book only plus our monthly collectable item.

SHIP DATES: the book is not released by the publishers until February 28th so this will be a late month shipment. They will be scheduled to ship February 28th through March 10th


Fox & Wit exclusive dust jacket 


Fox and Wit’s February young adult book. A young woman has to travel to Vietnam to spend the summer in a dilapidated, long abandoned french colonial house her father is refurbishing into a Bed and Breakfast. He doesn't listen when she tells about her suspicions of a haunting, and as he becomes more obsessive and crueler, she begins to doubt him more than she already did. To protect herself and younger sister, she delves into dark places and learns how far her bravery will go to defeat a persistent evil, and a desperate loneliness.

content warning: taken from the authors website: internalized biphobia, body horror, bugs, systemic/interpersonal racism, colonialism, death of a parent, blood, bones, depiction of a hanging, murder, mention of domestic abuse
Food is a significant, thematic thread throughout. While the book doesn’t discuss eating disorders, some of the conversations and depiction of food may be difficult for some readers.

Our personal addition: there is also an element of parental abandonment


This month's collectable is a wood bookmark that is fandom neutral

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