YA Book Parcel July Single Purchase

YA Book Parcel July Single Purchase

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Two Options

1) mini book parcel- book, plus monthly collectable item and 1-2 additional merch items.

2) lit & tunes- If you just want the surprise book only and the book soundtrack.

 SHIP DATES: July 25th through August 5th


Fox & Wit exclusive dust jacket 


This month’s story opens up with a funeral shortly after a wedding. It is about a young girl who has been granted a gift—though she would argue its a curse—from her Gods to protect her people. However, she does not understand how her power works and as such, she accidentally kills three husbands. With anger brewing inside her tower home, she hires an outside body guard to protect her. Will she master her powers and save her city or will her city plot and murder her in hopes her powers will transfer to the next chosen one?

content warning:

suicide ideation



This month's book box will contain our third collectable spoon inspired by The Raven Cycles. The second item is a non-fandom usable bookish item.


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