I'm Not Supposed To Be In the Dark Exclusive Special Edition by Fox & Wit

I'm Not Supposed To Be In the Dark Exclusive Special Edition by Fox & Wit

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Seventeen-year-old Aria Cayetano dreams of ghosts. She used to see them too, but thanks to a special tea brewed by her grandfather, Aria’s connection to the spirit world has been severed. Until a decades old rosebush suddenly dies across the street, convincing Aria that something supernatural is happening in her neighborhood.

She aches to investigate it, but the rosebush sits on her ex-best friend Derek Johnson’s front lawn, and she can't question him because he hates her now. Aria doesn't know what drove them apart years ago, but she does know Derek's been acting strange for weeks, sneaking out in the dead of night to who knows where.

Then, days after the rosebush dies, Derek begins speaking to her again. At least Aria thinks it’s him. Until she discovers there’s a ghost inside of Derek that will take his life if it doesn’t find what it’s searching for. As Aria and Derek race to uncover the mystery, another kind of magic takes them by surprise: love. But Aria has to decide how far she’s willing to go to save Derek, especially when helping the ghost means tapping into whatever the tea has buried inside of her.

Bone-chilling and spellbinding, 
I’m Not Supposed to Be in the Dark is an alluring ghost story that’s about exorcising the past to find a future to believe in.

"In Neilson's hands, a ghost story is never just a ghost story―teenage rebellion and friendship troubles are woven together with captivating imagery, compelling characters, and yes, 
ghosts. This book is a study in the lengths we will go to in order to protect those we love. A study in knowing when to let go and when to hold on―even if it means risking ourselves in the process." - Lillie Lainoff, author of One For All