YA Book Parcel March Single Purchase

YA Book Parcel March Single Purchase

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Our book only parcel is book only plus our monthly collectable item.

SHIP DATES: March 27th through April 7th


Fox & Wit exclusive dust jacket 


Fox and Wit’s March young adult book is about a young woman about to lose her uncontrollable magic accidentally curses her father. As poisonous flowers grow inside his chest, she teams up with her now distant childhood best friend to learn how to cast the cure. But in payment for her training, he demands she give her powers to him. As they rediscover each other and the extent of her powers, she also uncovers the truth to a darkness slowly spreading through the land. To cure her father, and the kingdom, she must overcome her anxieties to prove she’s more than others have ever given her credit for.

content warning:

Absent parent
Anxiety and depression
Body horror
Fantasy substance abuse
Medical issues
Nonconsensual enchantment


This month's collectable is The Raven Cycle title page overlay insert for US standard hardbacks

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