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Mid 2020 Reading Challenge

Launching a new format for our reading challenge. It became too difficult for me to come up with 6 new prompts every single month for years on end. This is our 3rd year now! So I thought I would do 7 stationery prompts, which you can fill in with a selection of books. This challenge will also account for different speed readers. Not everyone can finish 6 books a month. HERE'S HOW THIS WILL WORK Step 1: Pick your team! Novel Newts will need to fill in 3 books per category. Total 21 books. Chapter Chasers will need to fill in 5 books per category. Total 35 books. Rabid Readers will need to fill in 10 books per category. Total 70 books. These will...

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Fox & Wit Reading Challenge

Hey all! Some very exciting news for 2019 fox & wit reading challenges. Thanks to Austine of the novel knight and her amazing help, I'm able to launch this with you all. So here's the deal.  What's the same: 1) Save the monthly challenge  illustration to your phone  2)Post the illustration to instagram any time at the start of the month and tag me  @foxandwit in your comments and say whatever you want in the caption. (Be sure you're following me!) 3) As you finish each book for each prompt, post a photo of the book and then tag me in the comments and tell me what prompt the book was for. Use the hashtag #fnwreadchallenge so we can see see what you're reading!...

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