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Hey all! Some very exciting news for 2019 fox & wit reading challenges. Thanks to Austine of the novel knight and her amazing help, I'm able to launch this with you all. So here's the deal. 

What's the same:

1) Save the monthly challenge  illustration to your phone 

2)Post the illustration to instagram any time at the start of the month and tag me 

@foxandwit in your comments and say whatever you want in the caption. (Be sure you're following me!)

3) As you finish each book for each prompt, post a photo of the book and then tag me in the comments and tell me what prompt the book was for. Use the hashtag #fnwreadchallenge so we can see see what you're reading!

4)If you've finished all 6 books for the challenge, photograph all the books together and tag me in the comments.

If you've completed the challenge for the month, you'll receive your 10% discount code to the shop. 

What's changing:

1) You must register through the sign up form, 

(link here)

2) You will be randomly placed into team groups.

(You can view the file here. It will show you team points, what team you’re on, who your team mates are, and your own list of books.)

3) in addition to posting your finished book and entries on instagram, you will now submit them through a separate form. Each book you read will earn 1 point towards your team. 

(Form to submit entries here)

What this means:

1) I will no longer be giving away monthly prizes but instead be giving away a grand prize at the end of the year. If you finished the challenge for the month, you will receive a 10% discount code to use in the shop.

2) Even if you cannot complete the entire month, your books still count! You're contributing points to your overall team cache. This helps take the pressure off and doesn't need to be "I can't read 6 books a month!" If you read 2 books that's fantastic because you're adding 2 points to your team!

3) In order to qualify for prizes you must complete at least a total of 10 books by the end of the year. 

4) If your team has won, every single person on the team will win a prize from the shop.Top 1 highest point will receive 3 months worth of book parcels. Next top 3 who has highest points will each receive a book parcel of their choice. 


There will be three separate pages: 1) sign up link 2) page to upload your books every time you finish (it will require your instagram post link) 3) the page to check teams, team points and your personal entry log.


Join the fox & Wit Facebook page where we chat about recommendations for prompts each month and cheer each other on to finish.

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