Fox & Wit Monthly Subscriptions

 For single box purchases click here (single purchases open up on the 8th of each month if they have not sold out with subscriptions.)

Information for New Subscribers

Subscription accounts are not automatically created and activated.

Please make sure that you sign up and activate your account by clicking this link here

Be sure to use the same email address you purchased your subscription with when you are registering and activating your account.

Controls you have access to inside your account

1) skip or cancel your subscription
2) Review your previous orders
3) update your change of address (please note: address changes need to be made before a subscription order is processed. If you have unshipped subscription order that has been charged and processed and you need to update your address, please email to have your address manually changed.

Skipping or swapping your subscription

Every month you will receive two reminders about your subscription renewal. You will receive an automated email that your subscription is about to renew. Additionally, on the 1st of each month we will also send out a reminder when subscriptions will renew.

If you need to skip a subscription, you must do so before the end 6th of each month. Subscriptions renew on the 7th at 2 a.m. eastern time.

To skip your subscription: log into your account. Click on subscriptions on the top of your account.

To skip a delivery, click edit to the right of each order. Then on the left hand side you’ll see a button that says skip delivery.

Video instruction on skipping below:

Video instruction on swapping products.

In the first half can see how to swap between YA box and book only.

In the second half you can see how to swap between YA and adult

Remember that you are always one month ahead. So January's charge will be for February's box. February's charge will be March's box.

Current and past Young Adult box Themes
You can find a list of our current and past young adult subscription box theme information by

clicking here

Current and past box Adult box Themes

You can find a list of our current and past adult box subscription theme information by

clicking here

Perks of being a subscriber

Subscribers program perk!

You will receive early access to exclusive edition boxes.