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Two Options

1) mini book parcel- book, plus monthly collectable item and 1-2 additional merch items.

2) lit & tunes- If you just want the surprise book only and the book soundtrack.

 Boxes will ship March 22-31st


Fox & Wit exclusive dust jacket designed Daludna.



Get ready to be swept into an atmospheric world of magic and music in this gender reversal of Phantom of the Opera. Our daring young heroine is forced to live in the shadows of an opera house because of her magical talents. The society fears her kind and drawn babies with her gifts from birth. However, she's rescued from a well and raised inside an opera house. All her savior asks for is that she occasionally uses her gifts to help him keep the opera house in high standing and of course, to keep to the shadows. No one must ever know she lives and what she can do. But nothing stays safe and hidden forever when she meets a young boy who teaches her to want more than a shadowy existence. They create a pact that will benefit them both but sometimes, desires are dangerous things.

Content warning:



murder of babies mentioned off page



Each month @forensicandflowers will design a 4.5” x 3” high quality printed chipboard card showcasing a book cover (not belonging to any specific book). They will be designed in a way that you can attach an enamel pin to each card. You can then display your book cover pin card on our wood pin shelves available  in the shop.

This box will have two additional items. One is inspired by Phantom of the Opera. Both are useful and perfect for coffee lovers.

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