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In effort of supporting indie book stores I’ve got a fun game and prize giveaway for you all.


  1. for 5 days I will highlight an indie bookstore. (A few days apart. Not 5 consecutive days.) If you purchase a book from anyone of them, upload your receipt to our google docs form and I will send you a $3 gift voucher to our shop (valid on orders minimum $5). 

  2. If you make a purchase through ANY indie bookstore or, please fill out the form and upload your receipt. For each book purchased, I will donate $1 to @wellreadblackgirl, who’s mission is to lift up stories of Black women and girls by amplifying the voices of Black female authors.

Orders should be placed by December 20th. Receipts should not be dated before November 25th.


  1. Join our book guessing game. Each bookshop illustration will have hidden clues for book titles. If you can guess the correct title you will receive 5 entry points (on each book) 

  2. each DM share to a book friend is worth 1 point (maximum 5 points) (will have to upload SS on google docs to receive entry) 

  3. A share to your main story account is worth 2 entry points (please log screen shot to google docs)

  4. subscribing to email is worth 2 points. Current subscribers qualify. Simply leave your email address and we’ll match it against our email database.

  5. Must be following @foxandwit account for entries to qualify. Unfollowing disqualifies all point entries.

GRAND PRIZE: $50 voucher code to our shop.

No purchase necessary to enter the grand prize drawing. The purchase to support an indie bookstore is not a part of the game and has no bearings on prize entries.

Not affiliated with instagram or any of the bookstores involved. These are simply some of my favorites and I want to give them a shout out support this holiday season.

 IMPORTANT DATES! All entries for the book guessing game must be in by December 11th.

Winner will be announced after Christmas.


Guess the book titles The book shops will appear on our instagram account

Submit extra entries

Support small book shops receipt upload

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