Mid 2020 Reading Challenge

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Launching a new format for our reading challenge. It became too difficult for me to come up with 6 new prompts every single month for years on end. This is our 3rd year now! So I thought I would do 7 stationery prompts, which you can fill in with a selection of books. This challenge will also account for different speed readers. Not everyone can finish 6 books a month.


Step 1: Pick your team!

Novel Newts will need to fill in 3 books per category. Total 21 books.

Chapter Chasers will need to fill in 5 books per category. Total 35 books.

Rabid Readers will need to fill in 10 books per category. Total 70 books.

These will be the total of books you'll need to read by the end of 2020. Read at your own pace. Books must be at least 200 pages in length.

Step 2: access excel file here.

Once you've opened up the excel file choose your team tab at the bottom.

Then locate a blank column and fill in your social handle WITHOUT THE @ SYMBOL. Pre-pick your books and fill in the titles for each category. Put in the page count.

The check boxes next to the right of your name is how you will check off a book when you finish.


1) You must have titles filled in and completed. You cannot change the titles once the challenge begins on May 15th. To choose your books carefully.

2) As you finish each book, check off the books.

3) At the bottom of the file you will see a section for DNF RESERVE. You may choose three back up books in case you decide to DNF any of your books.

Should you choose to DNF a book, you will strike through the title that you have DNF, and add in the new title of the book you "borrowed" from your DNF reserve. Be sure to strike through the title in your DNF reserve.

4) Honor system here lovelies! Please only check off book that you have full completed. 

5) share the graphic below to your instagram and tag us @foxandwit



There will be a total of 6 winners! Each will have 2 winners. The person who completed the entire challenge by the end of year and the person who has completed the challenge with the most read pages.

Winners will be chosen early 2021.


Link here.

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